Yes, this is me out on the job, covering a story for a client.

And this is the spot where I’m supposed to tell you how awesome I am because I’ve been an editor for over 15 years, published hundreds of articles, created high-quality blogs and even had time to teach and get a script produced (Growing the Big One).

How much I’ve produced isn’t important though. What’s important is that I’m a professional writer and editor who enjoys creating effective copy that tells your story, and also teaches other writers a few storytelling tips.

Not all content is created equal. You may need content that sends a message, makes you smile, informs, tells a story, provides a solution, or all of the above. My job is to create that content.

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Social media covers a lot of platforms, and it’s important to communicate where your words and images have the most impact. I produce targeted content that tells your story and reaches the right audience.

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I love everything about gardening—even the compost! I also enjoy writing and editing about horticulture, as well and putting on garden events and providing a variety of marketing materials!

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I’m a professional screenwriter and part of the WGAW (Writers Guild of America West). I’ve optioned a number of scripts and have a produced short, documentary and movie on the Hallmark Channel.

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I’ve been teaching screenwriting and freelance writing since 1997, and am currently teaching screenwriting at the University of Washington. In 2014, I received the University of Washington’s Teacher Excellence Award.

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